Is Your Gym Membership Worth It?

In the recent tough economic times, people are asking themselves where they can cut back on expenses. Many people have told me they are cutting back on their daily Starbuck’s or choosing to pass on luxuries such as eating out, or salon/spa treatments. When looking over their budget, they may also wonder if they can afford their monthly membership to the gym. I hate to say it, but some of us in the fitness business have witness these cutbacks in our membership. But I have to ask, how can you afford not to have your gym membership? Let's be objective and compare these two choices. You may have even been faced with this yourself; which will you choose… Your date night out or your monthly gym membership?

A dinner for two will probably run you at least $30, not including drinks or cocktails. And if you were to add on movie tickets costing an average of $10-12 per ticket, you’re looking at another $20 to $30 depending if you decide to get any drinks or popcorn. By the end of the evening, you have probably invested at least $50 to $60 into the date. And it’s all over in a few hours. In just one night, although you might have thoroughly enjoyed yourself, you have spent your investment.

Now let’s look at your gym membership. Let's say a gym membership costs thirty dollars a month. That amounts to about a dollar a day. For just a dollar a day you will be investing in your overall health, improved fitness level; strength, endurance, flexibility, heart health, plus appearance, balanced emotional state, active lifestyle and longevity. Not to mention you could be saving yourself hundreds even thousands of dollars in medical or doctor expenses, prescriptions and preventing lost wages from missed work. That’s a pretty good return on your investment.

Let's go back to the average date night, going out to dinner and a movie. That one evening could buy you 2 months of membership to the gym. Which is the better return on your investment? The benefits of regular exercise not only lowers your risk of chronic disease, but it helps you maintain a healthy weight, improves sleep, decreases anxiety and stress, improves mood and self esteem, and possibly increases cognitive functioning (basically improved brain power). Physical activity directly and positively affects the quantity and quality of life. How can you afford
not to exercise?

And what would happen if you were to decide to still forgo your gym membership to enjoy the fun of dining or eating out? The risk of obesity will rise and all those benefits of regular exercise I just stated could slowly disappear for you and soon be out of your reach. Is your gym membership worth it? I think so. Listen, I understand times are tough - for all of us! If you’re still on the fence, contact me and my team. We would be happy to talk with you about your needs and help you get on track as to how much your gym membership is really worth. We are here to help you.

Remember… “Your gym membership is a cheap form of great entertainment!”

Enthusiastically yours,

Joe Gigantino Jr.

Why We Do What We Do

I couldn't wait to get home today and share with you about what happened to me at my club in Gilroy. Today I met a lady that reminded me why I am in the business of saving lives. I've been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years and have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people that want to get in shape, and of course some that needed it but didn't want to go through the pain. The meeting today brought me back to why we, here in the fitness business do what we do.

A lady walked up to me today and asked if I was the owner. Even though I am a positive person, my first reaction was, ‘Oh Boy,’ I was going to get an ear full. To my surprise, her exact words were, “Your gym has saved my life.” I smiled and asked her to tell me more.

She proceeded to tell me how she had not worked out for over 20 years and the day she walked into my club 4 months ago might have been the worst day of her life. Something had brought her to my club that day. She then said it was due to the friendly young man (Jim, one of my staff members) that showed her around and convinced her she had no more time to just think about joining. Because you see, she had been thinking about it for over 3 years and it wasn't until that day about 4 months ago that she got the courage to walk into the club.

As Jim talked with her, she made every excuse in the book not to commit so she could walk out of the gym without joining. To Jim’s credit, he knew if she walked out that day she might never get the courage to come back. He encouraged her to get out of her comfort zone and do what was right for her health, happiness and overall well being.

Today, the good news is she has lost over 20 lbs and feels like she’s 10 years younger. She has even found a boyfriend and planning a trip to Hawaii this summer! She eagerly told me she's already bought the bikini she is going to wear.

Sometime we need to get out of our comfort zone and have people challenge us to make a decision that might not be the most comfortable. Don't live life in the slow lane all the time, sometimes you need to veer into the fast lane and be pushed, just like this courageous lady did.

Remember… “Your gym membership is a cheap form of great entertainment!”

Enthusiastically yours,

Joe Gigantino Jr