TGIF - Workout 4 Holiday weekend

Today's workout is all about Muscle Endurance:

Men = 95lb barbell
Women = 45 lb barbell

7 sumo dead lift high pulls
7 thrusters
7 hang power cleans
7 push press

- Do as many rounds as you can at max intensity for 20 minutes
- How many did you do?

Today's word is: FREEDOM

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. TGIF to all and a happy holiday weekend. I am still here in Prescott AZ 6k above sea level.
    I completed 7 1/4 rounds. I am shot

  2. 6 rounds and ready for the 4th of july at home in San Diego! See you all in the water!!!!!!

  3. Hey Joe thanks for coming up to Freedom-- Great Job on the workout and the 6am 6 mile hike you did with the Body Camp Team!! We had a blast.. becca

  4. great workout! happy 4th of july everyone.

    7 rounds.

    we also had two out of town guests do the cindy workout they did 12 rds in 20 mins great job!

  5. Good job Joe!!! I am taking today off... My body is beat from the other days wod... I will make it up over the weekend!

  6. is the 95 lbs including the bar? lol sorry if this is a dumb question...

  7. No not a dumb question! (5 includes a 45 lbs bar. SO total is 95 lbs scale down if need be.