Workout for today - Friday July 9th 2009

TGIF Workout: Hills! Sprinting hills is one of my worst nightmares. It reminds me of my football days at Fresno State.

Warm up: 20 air squats, 10 pull ups, 10 knees to elbows, 10 standing broad jumps x 2 then run 400 meters at 60%

Workout: Most of you will be using a treadmill ( but if you have that dreaded hill in your back yard or by your club, please be my guest and use it)
7 x 400 meters or 1 lap at 10% elevation & as fast as you can go. The rest period will be for 3 minutes with the elevation at 0% incline and a fast walking pace. These are max effort sprints please make sure you are really warmed up before going 100% If you are using a treadmill please record your time at the end of the 7th sprint, you don't need to add the 3 minute rest.

The word of the day: Friendship, what does that mean to you?


  1. Believe it or not I actually love doing hill sprints! I think i might be crazy too because i love stadiums they way they kill my body!

  2. I actually like to run stadiums too, but at night or early in the morning. Not always safe, but I do love it.

  3. This was a great workout! I love running hills, but this one i did on the treadmill!

  4. Made it through 3 intervals on the treadmill today, will attemp 4 tomorrow. Think this will actually help me with my spinning class. Thanx for sharing your knowledge.