Workout for Monday

Monday's workout set the tone for the week! Plan your work and work your plan.

Warm up: 20 burpess 20 push ups 20 air squats, 10 x 40 yard sprints 20 box jumps.

Workout: Squat ( your body weight) and Dead Lift (your body weight) 5 Rounds
Do as many Squats as you can until you fail ( count the reps) then do as many Dead lifts as you can until failure. ( count the reps) Add your two totals and that is your score for the fist round.

Take as much time as you need between rounds and exercises. This is not a timed workout, you are trying to get the max score. You will complete 5 rounds and add the total.

Beginners: You can do 1/2 or 3/4 your body weight. If you do 1/2 your body weight divide your score ( number of reps) by 2 and that will be your total.

Word of the Day: Wellness: What are your keys to Wellness?


  1. I had way too many beers over the weekend so I am one day behind but I am looking forward to this work out tuesday morning!

  2. this was tough use 210 for my weight and had a total for the five rounds of 94. Not as good as i wanted. I think i could do over 100 next time