Workout For the Weekend!

WEEKEND WORKOUT: Push till you can't push no more!

Warm up 20 burpees, 20 jumping jacks 20 shoulder rolls and run 400 meters

The workout: Shoulder press, push press or push jerk

On the minute with a continuous clock running you add an extra rep every minute.
Example 1st min 1 rep, 2nd min 2 reps, 3 min 3 reps... keep going until you can not do the amount of reps within the minute... For example 10 mins and you cant finish 10 reps your number is 9.
Men 135 lbs
women 65 or 45 lbs

The word of the weekend is: Integrity


  1. this got hard very fast! my score was 12! failed at the 13 reps could even start that round. Great way to blast a body part in a very short time period.

  2. What are burppes? I workout, but I haven't heard of that before.