Workout for today - Thursday

"Core conditioning"

Warm up: 2 x 400 meter run with 3 minutes rest in between. 60% on the first one and 85% on the second one. 25 standing broad jumps, 25 air squats, and 25 lunges

1 min sit ups
1 min leg lifts
1 min bicycle crunches
1 min super mans
1 min break
4 rounds

Count your reps during each exercise until you finish that round. Use the break to write down your score.
Example round 1=30 sit ups, 30 leg lifts, 40 bicycle sit ups(left knee and right knee combine equal 1 rep), 52 super man. Total score 152 for that round.

Word of the day: Inner Strength. Are you born with it or is it developed?


  1. Wow!! Great workout Joe!! Love that you link the different exercises to "how to" video's! That's awesome!!

  2. I think inner strength is a born trait, but it can be developed.

  3. 1st round 186
    2nd round 200
    3rd round 188
    4th round 200
    I score the most reps on the bicycle crunches but that has got to be most painful exercise after doing the sit ups and leg lifts. I fell like i have knots in my stomach hahahaha