Workout for today - Tuesday

Maximize your time - if you bring the intensity, this workout should be no more than 30 minutes and a killer!

- 1 mile run (at 60% max for beginner's, 80% for advanced)
- 10 air punches (shadow box)
- 1 Sprawl/Burpee (4 count for beginners 8 count for advanced)
- Repeat and continue punches and burpee combo for one minute no rest
- 1 min.
jumping lunges no rest
- Repeat burpee combo and lunges for 10 minutes

What was your time?
Let me know how your workout goes!

- Motivation changes the mind’s willingness to proceed. It creates hope, optimism, and inner strength :)


  1. I did this work out early in the morning with a 2 miles run and it kick my butt!!!

  2. Burpees are great! But I've got a lunchtime workout planned. Stairwell steps (running up, not walking up). Let's see how long I can endure!

  3. That sounds good - yes the Burpees kicked my a** yesterday! I did about 40 of them!