Workout for today - Friday

TGIF I always love my workouts on Friday. End of the week and the beginning of the weekend.

Today's workout will be bit longer then usual and this workout can be scaled down if you are a beginner or intermediate level.

For Time:
100 air squats
Run 2 miles
100 lunges
100 jumping lunges
Run 2 miles
50 jumping squats

I call this workout "To Hell and back" post your time.

Word of the day is : Courage! tell me your Courage story.


  1. Just wondered if you have any suggestions for someone that can no longer work out the way they used to? I miss it so much, I was almost an obsessive exerciser...

    I suffered a workplace injury (nursing) to my back (severe, 18 months ago) and prior to this, I used to work out 5-6 days in the gym...I was a real "go, go, go" type of person, but now am unable to do it and it is really frustrating...starting to lose all my strength and muscle tone:>(

    Love your site by the way, well done. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. (I am also 43 yrs old as of June 30th)

    Thanks very much for any feedback you can offer.

  2. Joe! That's a killer workout and I'm impressed. I'll do this tomorrow morning, but in a much scaled down version. I love a challenge! Thanks for this!

  3. Courage story?? Which one would you like to hear?? There seem to be many opportunities to display courage when one is aware, awake, heart centered, entrepreneur, self employed and single... From front seats of roller coasters, to starting new businesses, pursuing love, leaning out over cliffs and taking on new challenges... And sometimes just the courage to rise from bed and try again... :-)

  4. Great work out before the week end! It took me 54:57 to finish this crazy wod! I burn so much calories I will not feel too guilty drinking some beers over the weekend =D

  5. Deborah Ventz-MignecoJune 27, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    Completed drill in 54 minutes. The lunge jumps were the hardest part...feeling great!

  6. Jeannette, here is my email please email me more specifics and I will help you out. Looking forward to getting you back on the road to fitness.

  7. Wow Deborah you did great! You must be a runner because that's what kills most peoples time. The lung jumps are the hardest for me also. Thxs for the comment it is much appreciated.

  8. Okay! So 59 minutes. I started slowing down during the jumping lunges and went way slower than expected in the first 10 min of the second run (does not bode well for my first half marathon coming up in sept!).

    Felt it within an hour afterwards in my glutes. Today (the next day) I'm really feeling it even more in my glutes and starting to feel it in my quads (also had a long day of walking, may have helped or made it worse). Great workout, thanks!